Monday, 14 January 2019

Chiron is bullish

Issue No. 037 (Monday 14 Jan 2019

The rally for the week commencing Fri 04 Jan 2019 is created by [Chiron Square Mercury] made more powerful by several positive planets.
Chiron was discovered in Nov 1977. It is a minor planet. As it exhibits behavior typical of a comet, it is also classified as a comet. Chiron has very high eccentricity (0.38), with perihelion just inside the orbit of Saturn and aphelion just outside the orbit of Uranus. It revolves around the Sun once every 50.42 Earth years.

This writer has found out that Chiron (because of its vicinity to positive planet Saturn) is sharply bullish on stocks (though for a few days only) in defined circumstances. The stock’s 1-week rally from 04 Jan 2019 is such a favorable situation.

Analysis Technique
Chiron is a Musical Instrument. The most bullish period is when Chiron actively interacts with Mercury (Singer) & with Venus (Dancer) at around the same time, to produce Melody (Sweet music). The magnitude of the rise is greatly augmented when the following planets join the interactions:
Neptune (Musician)
        Mercury (positive planet)
        Saturn (positive planet).

There are THREE steps to perform in the forecast:

Step One
Identify how Chiron interacts with Mercury and Venus, in particular with Mercury.
The Neptune-centered Ephemeris is used for this purpose.
Step Two
Observe whether there are additional bullish hard aspectsoccurring at the same time:
                Between Mars and (Mercury + Venus)
                Between Saturn and (Mercury + Venus)
Step Three
Study Sun transits and (more importantly) Moon transits which can motivate these interactions to create sharp rises.

Step One
The Chiron (Circled K) in 2019 Q1 is posited at 150 in front of Neptune. We draw a green line at 750 behind Neptune. We see that Mercury (red dotted line) is behind Neptune and moving towards Neptune. In early Jan 2019, Mercury is exactly 750 behind Neptune, or Mercury is 900 behind Chiron.
        Thu 03 Jan 2019 @22:43 [Chiron Square Mercury]

Thus Chiron (musical instrument) interacts with Mercury (Singer) and they are ready to play sweet music.

This is a single aspect, and the effect is moderate. We look for other positive aspects (if any) at around the same time to make the melody clearly audible to audience (i.e. to investors on Earth). We therefore go to Step Two.

Step Two
From these graphs, we know in early Jan 2019 there are more positive aspects:
        04 Jan 2019 [Saturn Semi-square Venus]  Semi-square = 450.
        08 Jan 2019 [Mars Square Mercury].       Square = 900.

Within 1 week in early Jan 2019 five (5) planets are involved in generating sweet music. The result is a soaring stock market.

Step Three
To pin-point the exact period of the strong bullish influence, we study (mainly) Moon transits. Here are the bullish transits. The time is GMT.

Thu 03 Jan 2019
@22:43 [Chiron Square Mercury]
Fri 04 Jan 2019
@07:00 Saturn Semi-square Venus
@15:25 Chiron Square Moon
        @17:43 Mercury Conjunction Moon.

Chiron is a musical instrument. Mercury is Singer, and Venus is Dancer.  They are singing in unison. Sweet music is generated.

The good news in Hong Kong is favorable China PMI Index which dispels fear of immediate recession.  At close of the market, China central bank announces lowering bank reserve ratios.

DJIA soars 747 points (+3.3%) to 23,433 on Fri 04 Jan 2019. The good news in US market:

        Strong job and wage growth (more employment means recession unlikely)
        Hopes on progress of US-China trade talks
        Soothing tones from the Fed on interest rates policy.

Tue 08 Jan 2019
        @09:46 Chiron Semi-square Moon
        @10:06 Mars Square Mercury

Wed 09 Jan 2019
        @00:02 MarsSemi-square Moon
        @01:12 Moon Semi-square Mercury

The good news for the week commencing Mon 07 Jan 2019:

US-China talks on trade conflicts seem progressing well.

These bullish interactions are reflected on the Price Charts.

We’ll encounter another rising period created by Chiron in early Feb 2019.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Rally Termination

Issue No. 036 (Saturday 12 Jan 2019)

DJIA rallies from Fri 04 Jan 2019 to Fri 11 Jan 2019, despite negative forecast. The rally is inspired by an active Chiron.

Chiron was discovered in Nov 1977. It is a minor planet. As it exhibits behavior typical of a comet, it is also classified as a comet. Chiron has very high eccentricity (0.38), with perihelion just inside the orbit of Saturn and aphelion just outside the orbit of Uranus. It revolves around the Sun once every 50.42 Earth years.

It is difficult to determine Chiron’s influence on stocks because of short time (only 41 years) since discovery. This writer, after strenuous efforts, has found out that Chiron (because of its vicinity to positive planet Saturn) is sharply bullish on stocks (though for a few days) in defined circumstances. The stock rally of 04 Jan-11 Jan 2019 is such a favorable situation. We are going to discuss that in the next post. There will be 3 more bullish periods in 2019 caused by Chiron.

For immediate market trend, study the Jupiter-centered graphs below.

Planets on the top graph are observations from the Sun. On 13 Jan 2019, Earth moves to 1350 behind Jupiter i.e. heliocentric [Jupiter Sesquare Earth]. This is attack on Jupiter by Earth.  Since Jupiter is already severely agitated geocentrically by Uranus and Neptune, the attack is severe. The agitations are depicted on the geocentric graph:

        09 Jan 2019 [Uranus Sesquare Jupiter]
        13 Jan 2019 [Neptune Square Jupiter]

Very heavy attack on Jupiter means a plunging stock market on Mon 14 Jan 2019.

For more distant market trend, study Solar Chart 2019-01-29.
On 29 Jan 2019 there are 2 bearish features:

Bear #1
De-stabilization of recessionary Jupiter Fore Trojans (Jup FT).
This is done by [Jup FT Opposition Earth] as shown on the Solar Chart.

Bear #2
De-stabilization of recessionary Jupiter Aft Trojans (Jup AT).
A line is drawn between 2 Giant planets (Jupiter and Uranus). This line crosses Jupiter’s orbit at POIS (Point of Intense Stress).

POIS is opposite to Jup AT, i.e. [Jup AT Opposition POIS], and Jup AT are de-stabilized.

Bear #1 + Bear #2 = Jup FT de-stabilization + Jup AT de-stabilization.

Stocks are therefore expected to decline sharply in the coming 2 weeks.

In early Feb 2019, stocks will rebound when positive Chiron is motivated.

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Hideous Stock Market

Issue No. 035 (Thursday 27 December 2018)

The DOW nose-dives in December, with a spectacular rally of 1,086 points (+4.98%) on Wed 26 Dec 2018, to close at 22,878.


Chart A1 and Chart A2 are both dated 2018-12-28, to describe 2 bearish features:

Bearish feature on Chart A1
On Left Solar Chart 2018-12-28 Jupiter’s orbit at 900 (a bearish hard angle) in front of Jupiter is marked POIS 1 (Point of Intense Stress No. 1). POIS 1 is severely stressed by 2 hard angles formed of Giant planets (Sun, Jupiter and Saturn):
        Sun.POIS.Jupiter = 450
        Sun.POIS.Saturn = 900

Bearish feature on Chart A2
On Right Solar Chart 2018-12-28 Jup FT (Jupiter Fore Trojans – recessionary asteroids 600 in front of Jupiter) meet exactly with POIS 2 (Vertex of the bearish triangle):  
       ∠Jupiter.Jup FT.Uranus = 1350.     1350 = 450 x 3.

Jupiter Fore Trojans are severely de-stabilized by the hard angle of 1350 formed of 2 Giant Outer planets (Jupiter and Uranus).

Chart B1 and Chart B2 are both dated 13 Jan 2019 (Half month later). The bearish features are very similar. It means the negative features continue to exert bearish influence on the stock market for many weeks.

The joint efforts of these negative features are potent enough to sharply depress stocks in Dec 2018 and Jan 2019.

[BB]  GEOCENTRIC VIEW (Observations from the Earth)
There are more ugly planetary patterns present in Jan 2019.

The geocentric Jupiter-centered Ephemeris below reveals important interactions between Jupiter (bearish planet) with Uranus & Neptune (2 Giant neutral Outer planets):
        09 Jan 2019 [Uranus Sesquare Jupiter].  Sesquare = 1350.
        13 Jan 2019 [Neptune Square Jupiter].  Square = 900.
There is one more bearish aspect:
        01 Jan 2019 [Jupiter Sesquare N Node].
        Here N Node enhances the negative influence of Jupiter.

 The very harmful influences of these aspects are further invoked by Earth and Sun transits:
Earth transit (Heliocentric aspect)
        13 Jan 2019 [Jupiter Semi-square Earth].  Semi-square = 450.
Sun transits (Geocentric aspects)
        19 Jan 2019 [Uranus Square Sun]
This extracts bearish influence of [Uranus Sesquare Jupiter]
        19 Jan 2019 [Neptune Semi-square Sun]
This extracts bearish influence of [Neptune Square Jupiter]
        21 Jan 2019 [Sun Semi-square Jupiter]
        21 Jan 2019 [Sun Opposition Moon] Lunar Eclipse.

These interactions forebode a sharply plunging stock market in the first 3 weeks of Jan 2019.

The bearish interactions of SECTION [BB] are exacerbated by Declination + Eclipses.
It so happens that there are 2 eclipses during this period:

Solar Eclipse 06 Jan 2019 [Sun Conjunction Moon]
Lunar Eclipse 21 Jan 2019 [Sun Opposition Moon]

The significance of Eclipses (when considered alone) is neither positive nor negative. The Eclipses simply make Moon and Sun transits more powerful.

In Jan 2019, Sun interacts with Jupiter aspects (aspects outlined in SECTION BB) forcibly. As the Jupiter aspects are sharply bearish on stocks, Eclipses greatly enhance the bearish influences. Eclipses are the last straw. Stocks crash.

We have so far considered many bearish features. What about positive planets which can generate rising trends? The positive planets are Mars and Saturn.

Mars is NOT strong in the first 3 weeks of Jan 2019 (Refer to Mars-centered Ephemeris of Issue No. 32 dated 17 Nov 2018).

And Saturn is insulated from Earth investors. In this respect, refer to Solar Chart 2019-01-13 below:

The product of [AA] [BB] [CC] & [DD] is a recessionary period which covers Dec 2018 and Jan 2019. There are more bearish features thereafter to extend the bearish trend to Feb 2019 (we are going to discuss them in the next post).

It is quite normal, during a Great Depression, for stocks to nose-dive 40% in 2-3 months. We are in the middle of such a situation.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Point Of Intense Stress

Issue No. 034 (Saturday 15 December 2018)

In Issue No. 33 (2 weeks ago), we expect a rally for 3 weeks. But DJIA plunges from 25,538 to 24,100 (down 5.6% in 2 weeks).

The cause of the plunge does not relate to the planets. It is the result of intense stress on Jupiter’s orbit!
We also indicate in the last post that we’ll encounter a calamitous CRASH in Jan 2019.

It is more prudent to wait for 1 more week before pronouncing a definitive forecast.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Bullish Saturn Triangle

Issue No. 033 (Saturday 01 December 2018)

In Issue No. 032 (2 weeks ago), we foresee a “rally from end Nov 2018 for about 3 weeks”. DJIA does surge in the last week of Nov 2018.
The past forecast has been made basing on the geocentric patterns of the planets in end Nov-early Dec 2018.

We now go further to examine the planetary patterns from Bird’s eye view which reveals a sharply bullish Saturn 45-degree Triangle (in addition to the bullish geocentric aspects already discussed).

Enhancement of Bullish Saturn 45D Triangle by Mars joining the Triangle
The Saturn 45D Triangle is a medium term bullish aspect. Positive Saturn influence is conveyed to Earth investors through the 45-degree hard angle.

The bullish enhancement is achieved by Mars (in anti-clockwise motion) moving to the mid-point of Sun and Uranus. Now positive Mars becomes a part of the configuration depicted on Solar Chart 2018-12-13. Motivations on any of the planets (Mars, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn) arouse the positive influence of the Saturn 45D Triangle.

Enhancement of Bullish Saturn 45D Triangle by positive Declinations
The Sun’s latitudinal positions (red line) are under (at South of) those of Saturn (purple line) from 07 Dec 2018 to 07 Jan 2019. During this period the Sun is separated by Saturn from negative Jupiter (blue line) because Jupiter’s latitudinal positions are above those of Saturn. The Sun (Earth’s antenna) takes in positive Saturn influence from end Nov 2018 to early Jan 2019 enhancing bullish expectations.

The feature is bullish before exact parallel on 07 Dec 2018 because in end Nov 2018 (10 days earlier) the Sun’s declination is already close to the declination of positive Saturn.

The enhanced Saturn 45D Triangle will propel stocks upwards for about 3 more weeks.

WARNING: We’ll encounter a calamitous CRASH in Jan 2019.

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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Retrograde Mercury

Issue No. 032 (Saturday 17 November 2018)

We forecast a nose-diving stock market for the past 2 weeks. In fact stocks fall moderately.
There are several bearish features in the next 10 days. However, there is a single feature that can arrest the stock market’s decline -- it is Mercury moving backwards (as observed from the Earth). The backward motion of Mercury (moving from Left to Right as illustrated below) is a visual illusion, but it is significantly bullish on stocks.
Accordingly, stocks in the next 10 days will be erratic.
But I expect a rally from end Nov 2018 for about 3 weeks. The positive features which fuel the expected rally are described on the following 2 geocentric Ephemeris.

Bullish aspects as depicted on the Mars-centered Ephemeris are
03 Dec 2018 [Mars Square Sun].  Square = 900.
07 Dec 2018 [N Node Sesquare Mars].  Sesquare = 1350.
                        [Uranus Square Mars]
08 Dec 2018 [Neptune Conjunction Mars].  Conjunction =00.
Bullish aspects as depicted on the Neptune-centered Ephemeris are
30 Nov 2018 [Neptune Sesquare Venus].
06 Dec 2018 [Neptune Square Sun]
07 Dec 2018 [Neptune Conjunction Mars]

Aspects described on the Neptune Ephemeris create Melody (sweet music).  Neptune is the Musician, and Venus is the Dancer. The sounds of their interactions are melodious.  Mars is a positive planet, and an active Mars erases any negative force. In addition, Sun joins to stimulate these aspects.

Thereafter, the Great Depression will resume, from end Dec 2018.
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Saturday, 3 November 2018

Rebound is validated

Issue No. 031 (Saturday 03 November 2018)

Our forecast of Issue No. 031 (1 week ago) says:-
“Stocks’ slide will continue into Nov 2018, though there may be a rebound in end Oct-early Nov 2018”.

Stocks’ rebound from Tuesday (30 Oct) to Friday (02 Nov 2018) is sharp, and its magnitude (in Asian markets) is spectacular. The “good” news is a tweet (on Thu 01 Nov 2018) that President Trump has a long and very good conversation with Xi of China - their talk has a heavy emphasis on trade.  Stock traders cheer the news like final cease fire on trade conflicts. I don’t interpret news, but the rally is clearly revealed by planetary patterns conducive to market sentiments.
Positive feature on Saturn-centered Ephemeris
[A]   Exact on Mon 29 Oct 2018 [Mars Semi-square Saturn].
        Both Mars and Saturn are bullish planets of the Solar System.
        When they are stimulated, stocks rise.

Positive feature on Pluto-centered Ephemeris
[B]   Exact on Sat 03 Nov 2018 [Pluto Semi-square Mercury].
        Pluto is also a bullish planet. Pluto is made active by Mercury.
Together with [A], all 3 positive planets of the Solar System (Mars, Saturn and Pluto) join hands to push up stocks.

Positive feature on Neptune-centered Ephemeris
[C]   Exact on Sat 03 Nov 2018 [Neptune Sesquare Venus (Retrograde)].
        This aspect is supported by Uranus 450 (a hard angle) in front of Neptune.
        Neptune is the Musician.
        Venus is a Dancer.
        Mercury of [B] is a Singer.
        Therefore, a Melody Formation is present to help create the stock market rally.

These bullish aspects converge in end Oct-early Nov 2018. Upon stimulation by Moon transits, stocks jump.

But there are BIG BEARS lurking in the background (as explained in the post 1 week ago). We re-produce the Table below.

Be prepared for a nose-diving stock market in the coming 2 weeks.

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